After being told by politicians to ‘show them the evidence’, Rich Hardy ditched a traditional campaign approach, and regular life, to become an undercover advocate for animals.

Traversing the industries that breed, rear and capture animals, his eyewitness testimonies and secret documentation from behind closed doors shines new light on the lives of animals used for human gain, but whom we know little about.

Relying on a hidden camera, a bluff and a little bit of luck, Rich finds imaginative ways to meet the people and industries responsible for the lives and deaths of the billions of animals used each day to feed, clothe and entertain us. 

What he discovers will shock, but it may just inspire you to re-evaluate your relationship with all animals and what role you let them play in your life.

Sometimes dangerous, often emotional and occasionally surreal, this one-of-a-kind perspective examines what it’s like to live and work amongst your adversaries and what you can achieve if you feel strongly enough about something.
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